Extra virgin olive oil: the green gold of Tuscany

Olio Extravergine di Oliva Toscano di Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort

November is the traditional month of olive harvesting throughout Tuscany and at Villa Campestri we were looking forward to taking care of one of the most beautiful agricultural jobs of autumn. Come with us to discover the green gold Tuscany: the delicious extra virgin olive oil!

Extra virgin olive oil is called the green gold of Tuscany

Extra virgin olive oil in Tuscany has been cultivated since the time of the Etruscans and being fundamental in the Mediterranean diet, it has always been considered a valid currency, like precious metals, just as if it was green gold.

Extra virgin olive oil in Mugello

InMugello there are some varieties of olive trees: the leccino, the frantoio, the moraiolo, the pendolino, the maurino and even some indigenous types.

Olive trees in Mugelloare located in the hills at an altitude of two hundred five hundred meters above sea level.

The freshly squeezed oil has a green color reminiscent of emeralds and a very strong flavor, then, over time, it takes on a more delicate flavor and shades of gold.

The olive harvest is a special time of autumn

November days in Tuscany, and at Villa Campestri, are often sunny and make you want to spend time outside.

As the trees leaves change color, olives are ready to be harvested.

Olives must not fall to the ground to be harvested but must be picked directly from the tree when they are ripe.

Ripening, to the expert eye, can be seen from the color of each variety of olive.

The collection of oil is manual and the olives are brought to crush the same day.

One of the most beautiful traditions after pressing is to try immediately the new extra virgin olive oil on a slice of toasted bread!

A flavor that remains clear and tasty in mind until the next olive harvest.

What does extra virgin olive oil mean?

We often read on the labels of “Extra Virgin or EVO“ oil but what exactly does it mean?

First of all,extra virgin or Evo oil is an oil made only by olives and these acronyms indicate a superior organoleptic quality but not only.

Extra virgin olive oil means that the olives have been pressed mechanically and not with chemicals and this leads to a higher quality of the olive oil.

Extra virgin oil has many benefits for our body thanks to its components and for this reason it should be consumed daily.

Here some components of EVO and their benefits:

  • Polyphenols, reduce cell aging and counteract free radicals
  • Tocopherols, are natural antioxidants
  • Locantale, useful for its anti-inflammatory properties
  • Monoisaturated fatty acids, protect against breast cancer

Diving yourself in the world of olives and tasting extra virgin olive oil is a real privilege

In Italy until a few years ago, and it still happens in the smaller estates, it is the neighbors who during the weekend, in exchange for a few liters of extra virgin olive oil, go to help in the harvest.

In Mugello this still happens, some families have their own olive trees and collect oil for their own private use, while other families, in order to have quality oil, go to collect their neighbors who own an olive grove.

The truth is that following the whole process of the olives, from seeing them sprouting on the trees to harvesting, is a privilege.

We are looking forward to having you tasting our Evo in Mugello!

At Villa Campestri, the first Olive Oil Resort in the world, you can find our Extra Virgin Olive Oil manually harvested from the trees around the Villa in each of our menu dishes and even buy some oil to take home to dress with gold green your favorite dishes.

Are you ready to taste our freshly picked new oil on a slice of toasted bread, as tradition dictates, or even better in one of our dishes from the menu?

We are waiting for you at Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort!

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