Food Festivals in Mugello: where to eat

food festival mugello (sagre mugello)

The Mugello valley is one of the most beautiful, fascinating and richest territories in all of Tuscany. We are therefore talking about an area extremely appreciated all over the world for its landscapes, traditions and lifestyle in contact with nature.

In fact, a holiday in Mugello puts people back in the right mood: here it is automatic to slow down, return to take deeper breaths and adapt to the cycles of nature.

The Mugello traditions are all still alive, and in fact in all seasons it is possible to find festivals that enhance the typical products of the area.

Let’s see below some of these festivals that celebrate the territory and which are held in the summer, between golden fields and dreamy skies. There is something for everyone!

Feast of St. John the Baptist

The feast of the patron saint is held in Vicchio on 24 June: that is, St. John the Baptist.

Vicchio as known is an extremely beautiful town and particularly rich in attractions that is part of the Mugello valley.

The festive events will open on the 23rd and will go on until the 24th, when after a series of beautiful initiatives, including an event at the home of the great Benvenuto Cellini, we will find ourselves in the square for “Vicchio a Tavola“, a wonderful opportunity to taste local products in a magical atmosphere.

Dinner offers delicious specialties complete with live musical accompaniments and a fireworks display to close the evening.

Tortello Festival

One of the tastiest events in Mugello is undoubtedly the traditional Tortello Festival.

The location is absolutely wonderful: the historic center of Palazzolo sul Senio.

To be celebrated will be one of the elements of Italian cuisine that we find almost everywhere: from south to north, from east to west, throughout the peninsula we continuously find versions and recipes of tortello.

At the Sagra di Palazzuolo sul Senio, the Mugello version of the tortello is celebrated and exalted and there is no doubt that those lucky enough to sit at the table in the splendid setting chosen for the event, will hardly be disappointed.

The organization is that of the Proloco and the gastronomic service will be active for both lunch and dinner, so as to make as many people as possible enjoy the tortello. The chosen date is July 10th. Impossible to miss!

Tortello and Porcino Festival

In Vicchio, on days 1-2-3-4-5, 10-11-12, 17-18-19, 24-25-26 June and 1-2-3 July one of the most pleasant festivals of the summer will be held : the Tortello and Porcino Festival.

Another real protagonist of the Tuscan tables will be celebrated during the event: the Chianina steak! Here, therefore, you can taste handmade tortelli, high quality porcini mushrooms and first choice meat!

The menu actually includes many other specialties that can meet all tastes and needs, so as not to leave anyone unhappy.

The location is beautiful: on Lake Viola, in Boccagnello in Vicchio, in an area completely surrounded by nature that is also ideal for walks and outdoor snacks.

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