Museums in Florence with dogs: dog sitter to entertain 4-legged friends

Museums in Florence with dogs: dog sitter to entertain 4-legged friends

Visiting the museums in Florence together with your dog paws is finally possible. In fact, there has never been a rule that forbids the access of visitors in the company of their 4-legged friends. In fact, according to what is established by the veterinary police regulations, it is possible to bring your animals into places open to the public, simply by equipping them with a leash and muzzle. However, many structures have never endorsed this regulatory principle. the entertainer for the dog

The novelty in Florence is due to the TripForDog company, a dog friendly company, as it is driven by the goal of facilitating the movement of people without giving up the company of their 4-legged friends.

The philosophy of this company has been very successful especially following the pandemic. Knowing that you can regain possession of your spaces and passions without having to give up the company of your dog is something really important after 2 years of restrictions.

Florentine museums with dogs: Uffizi Gallery

Art lovers, about to visit the Uffizi Gallery, will have a favorable wind from mid-September 2022.

In fact, not only the guide will welcome you at the entrance to the museum, who will accompany you along the way to show you the beauties that are revealed to your eyes. But there will also be the dog sitter, who takes delivery of your dog while it is inside the former headquarters of the Magistrates.

The dog sitter is a certified dog trainer who will take care of your puppy throughout your absence. He will have the task of making him eat and rest; and above all to entertain him with animation games relevant to his nature.

Florence: the perfect combination of art and food

The news in Florence is a must; and among these we mention the most popular at the moment, namely the aperidog, the refreshing and innovative moment approved by various locations.

In this circumstance, a first phase is planned where a mobility dog ​​course is organized which involves the overcoming of obstacles by each owner-dog couple.

At the end of this “competition”, while the owners relax while enjoying an aperitif with the puppies, they are entrusted to the dogistter who is responsible for entertaining them with snacks and games tailored for them.

Free museums in Florence: “Fido and I always together”

Florence is a city full of art in every corner; itself is an open-air museum.

So if you do not want to entrust yourself to the care of a dog sitter, during your stay in the museum; you can always decide to see other places where you can benefit from the close presence of your puppy.

Among these, we recommend Ponte Vecchio, Piazza della Signoria, Piazza del Duomo or Piazzale Michelangelo.

However, the figure of the dog-sitter at the museum is enjoying such success that it is inducing many other cities to follow the Florentine trail.

These include the initiatives of Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome, the Tower of Pisa and the archaeological excavations of Pompeii.

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