Luxury Resort for happy dogs and relaxed owners

The resort for dogs and hosts of Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort

When we plan holidays we must also think about our four-legged friends. The best solution is certainly to take them with us, also because today there are many hotels that allow entry to the animals. Discover which are the best luxury resorts in Tuscany for happy dogs and relaxed owners!

On holiday with dogs and cats

If you are traveling with your 4-legged friends the basic rule is that the animal must be regularly vaccinated and in good health.

If the dog or the cat leave with us, first of all we have to plan the trip well in advance. Establish the means of transport and choose a hotel that welcomes our beloved quadrupeds.

It is essential to travel in the cooler hours, to foresee a series of stops to refresh the animal and allow it to do some movement. If you decide to travel by airplain, you have to consider that each company has its own rules. In general, if it is small dogs (less than 10 kg in weight) or cats it is possible to take them with you in the cabin in special boxes.

Resort for dogs and owners: sea or mountains?

Today there are more and more hotels that accept pets. In many cases it is necessary to pay an extra a day and use special spaces with kennels and cages to make them sleep and eat.

Generally however in the Resort where dogs are allowed it is possible to keep the animal in the room.

A separate chapter is dedicated to dog beaches. Since 2002, in fact, the legislation on beaches is no longer the responsibility of the Port Authorities but directly of the Regions that can delegate the individual municipalities that decide whether to open a portion of their beaches to dogs.

In all cases it is necessary that the animal is vaccinated and that it is kept on a leash. The dog must be kept in the shade, watered at regular intervals and brought into the water from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Five-star holidays for 4-legged friends

Today many resorts are pet-friendly and can guarantee real five-star holidays for our 4-legged friends.

Dogs’ resorts also delight owners who can enjoy relaxing holidays in total safety.

For years Tuscany has offered numerous resorts for dogs and cats, with services entirely dedicated to quadrupeds.

Here is a selection of the best luxury resorts for happy dogs on holiday in Tuscany!

  • Castello La Pia Dama – Loc Poggiolo 98, Sinalunga Poggiolo;
  • Residence Sud Est – Strada Provinciale 26, 129, Porto Azzurro Isola D’Elba;
  • Sarna Residence – Strada Di Ripa D’orcia, 1, San Quirico D’orcia;
  • Residenza D’epoca Palazzo Malfatti – Via M Oncini,10, Massa Marittima;
  • Hotel Residence Toscana Verde – Via Penna 2, Laterina Monsoglio.

Mugello is a green land, the ideal place to spend magical Tuscan holidays in the company of our faithful 4-legged friends. Great rides, long walks, woods, lakes, rivers, all accompanied by excellent facilities where humans and animals can stay in complete comfort.

If you love this way of doing holiday we expect you and your 4-legged friends at Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort, a Luxury Resort for happy dogs and relaxed owners!

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