Discover the romantic places of the Tuscan Autumn!

Romantic places in the Tuscan autumn proposed by Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort

Autumn is the ideal season for a romantic itinerary in Tuscany, among beautiful locations, rolling hills and amazing historic houses. Discover the romantic places of the Tuscan Autumn!

The treasures of Tuscany during the fall

Autumn is the perfect time to discover the Tuscan countryside, with its incredible colors, ancient traditions and extraordinary historical evidence.

The Mugello, for example, during the autumn season shows its warm colors, intense aromas and delicious recipes prepared with care with seasonal products such as mushrooms and the famous PGI chestnuts.

A romantic weekend in Tuscany during the fall will therefore allow you to enjoy pleasant walks among rolling red hills and take refuge in elegant historic homes to stay and enjoy the delicacies of Tuscan cuisine.

In an area like Tuscany an unmissable appointment is the one with history. A visit to the Medici Villa of Cafaggiolo will be the ideal choice to spend a pleasant autumn afternoon in Mugello.

The Villa of Cafaggiolo was one of the oldest Medici properties. In 1359, it was a source of abundant agricultural production and already had the dignity of a stately home. From 1451 Cosimo il Vecchio came into possession of the Villa and Michelozzo intervened with significant works that defined the rectangular building as it still appears today. On the lodges were made rooms with halls that follow one after the other.

3 Romantic places of the Tuscan Autumn

The historic center of Florence

Florence is the capital of culture and romance. Its center is full of corners, streets, views steeped in history, love, myths and legends mostly related to the Medici family. There are many restaurants where you can enjoy a sweet evening in pleasant company, characteristic and perfect places for an intimate têtê-à-têtê.

Bagno Vignoni

Located in the heart of Val d’Orcia, Bagno Vignoni is certainly one of the most evocative places in all of Tuscany. Thanks to the extreme proximity with the Via Francigena the waters that flow in this place were used since Roman times for SPA purposes. The waters of Bagno Vignoni flow at a temperature of about 50/52 degrees and are still used in the treatment of diseases and wellness treatments.


Lucignano is a picturesque Tuscan village known for its beautiful narrow streets, the typical shops but especially for the famous Golden Tree of Love located inside the Municipal Museum of Lucignano, the only example in the world of tree-shaped reliquary. Legend has it that to exchange the promises of love in front of this symbol of eternal love is a good omen for young lovers.

Spend a stay in our romantic Resort

Every romantic places during the Tuscan autumn have a typical connotation of magic and charm.

The Mugello is no less and, thanks to its proximity, with Florence is a territory that can offer beautiful experiences in contact with nature without renouncing the magic of the Tuscan capital.

So if you want to spend a romantic holiday in Tuscany we are waiting for you at Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort!

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