Spring blossoms at Villa Campestri!

Wonderful Nature will be the main protagonist of your stay at Villa Campestri.  Come take a virtual tour of our park that’s blossoming with springtime.

That the nature around us is a basic part of the pleasure of Villa Campestri has never been a secret.  We aim to make your vacation here a complete holiday of the senses.  And our vast park is the perfect “green” example to make it so, with its splendid panorama that every morning opens us to the valleys and hills of the Mugello, a gift to us and to our guests.

What could be better than to wake up and, with weather permitting, relax on the terrace enjoying an espresso alongside the splendid buffet breakfast as you look out over the centuries-old cypresses and hills that in all their grandeur surround you.

What could be better for those who simply want to enjoy the fresh clean air of the open than to wander among the paths and along the walks we’ve especially designed for you.  Or, for those who love trekking, to wander beyond.  And then return to enjoy the delicious lunch prepared by our chef Luigi Incrocci and his sous-chef Giacomo Bettini.

We’re just beginning the season where the park is in its glorious full color; then, as we move on to summer more flowers burst into bloom, the freshly cut haystacks give off their overwhelming aromas, insects buzz, the birds chirp.  It all warms the soul.

On our Facebook page, in photos, we’ve given you a taste of these bursting spring colors, the flowers that frame the villa’s profile, that follow you to our areas of recreation and down to the swimming pool.  This summer the pool too will welcome you with its crystal clear water, surrounding foliage and all the wonderfully pristine nature in this corner of Mugello paradise.

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