Swimming pool in the Florence countryside: where to go?

Piscina nella campagna di Firenze di Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort

When the heat arrives, living in the city becomes really difficult as temperatures rise so much that the only thing possible is an escape to cooler places. In these cases there is nothing better than a day to spend by the pool in the countryside of Florence, here’s where to go.

The best ways to escape the heat of the city

During the summer, the temperatures in the city reach really high peaks even exceeding 40 degrees centigrade.

The asphalt, the streets, the squares, everything becomes very hot and it is almost impossible to spend pleasant days inside them.

During the week, work certainly obliges us to stay in the city, but as soon as the weekend arrives, it becomes almost necessary to flee from the heat of the cities to cooler places.

Florence is famous for its high temperatures which, in some cases, reach or approach the national peaks. Those who live in the city, or are there for tourism, however, have some good chances on their side to cool off and spend an invigorating day.

Here are the best ways to escape the heat of the city:

  • an escape to the sea (Livorno is about 90 km away);
  • an excursion to the Tuscan peaks in search of milder temperatures;
  • a day by the pool in the Florence countryside.

The territory of Florence is decidedly very green and allows you to easily find mountain resorts at high enough to find refreshment and enjoy pleasant excursions on foot, by bike or on horseback.

Mugello, for example, offers countless mountain resorts for tourism, discovering food and wine specialties or playing outdoor sports. All at the cool temperatures typical of the hills.

Alternatively, water is certainly an excellent method for cooling off, whether from the sea, river or swimming pool.

Swimming pool in the Florence countryside: here’s where to go

Choosing a swimming pool immersed in the gentle countryside near Florence as an escape from the summer heat is definitely a good idea.

Reaching the sea requires to drive for at least an hour and swimming in rivers may not be suitable for everyone, especially for non-expert swimmers or families with children.

This is why the swimming pool in the countryside is an excellent opportunity to enjoy a day of total relaxation, in complete safety and being able to count on services and assistance.

The countryside of Florence surrounds the entire city and is easily accessible both from the Florentine but also by the many tourists who decide to visit the “Cradle of the Renaissance” in the warmer months.

Many farmhouses and structures offer access to their own swimming pool, Villa Campestri does it with its own style.

Not only daily access to the panoramic swimming pool but a real Pic-Nic by the pool. You will be immersed in 124 hectares of park, you can spend a whole day in the swimming pool enjoying a delicious pic-nic.

We will provide you with everything you need for your relaxing day: pic-nic basket with ham and melon, cold cuts and cheeses, a bowl of fresh fruit, water, soft drinks and towels for the swimming pool.

We are waiting for you in our swimming pool immersed in the countryside

A few kilometers from Florence you can find a corner of paradise where peace and intimacy are at home. For an escape from the summer heat we are waiting for you at Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort!

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