The 5 things to visit in Mugello and surroundings

5 places to visit in Mugello with Villa Campaestri Olive Oil Resort

Mugello enchanted valley that extends north and north-east of Florence, a mix of culture, art and vigorous nature. One of the most fascinating and unmissable lands inTuscany. To get to know it better we will reveal 5 things to visit in Mugello and its surroundings!

1) Visit the Mugello racetrack

Whether you are a fan of engines or not, it will not be possible to visit Mugello without discovering the existence of the Mugello Circuit.

An internationally renowned circuit, owned by Ferrari, welcomes the world’s greatest riders every year to the infamous Formula 1 and MotoGP races.

A unique experience that will give you the elation and adrenaline of high speeds and will transform that dark sound of the engines into music for your ears.

For the more passionate, there is certainly the possibility to go directly to the track and indulge themselves at will, taking the necessary precautions.

2) Lake of the Bilancino

Between the flora and fauna of these lands there is an enchanting basin of water: Lake Bilancino! Artificially created, it is todaythe largest water well in Tuscany with its 31 meters deep.

Various activities are practiced on the Bilancino: you can entertain yourself with various water sports or opt for a simple swim when the season allows it.

Also suitable for fishing lovers, as this lake, due to its particularly clean water, is able to offer numerous fish species.

For those looking for peace and relaxation we recommend the Oasi di Gabbianello, inside which there is the space equipped as a picnic area, it is a large naturalistic area that offers the opportunity to experience days outdoors at the foot of Lake Bilancino.

3) Scarperia

Scarperia is part of the circuit of the most beautiful villages in Italy, a recognition that began the tourist rediscovery of this lovely artistic center.

Enclosed by walls and towers, this small village is an agglomeration of medieval art and culture.

One cannot fail to mention the Palazzo dei Vicari, a fourteenth-century building that overlooks the square of the same name and, in the past, served as a noble residence and fortress.

But the heart of Scarperia can be found in the Museo dei Ferri Taglienti, because in this village there is a well-known tradition of knife production which is also visible in the numerous shops specializing in this ancient art of production.

4) Visit the Giotto House Museum

Giotto’s house is located in Vicchio, immersed in the Vespiniano hills.

The house-museum was an ancient and sober medieval building and according to tradition, the infamous artist was born there in 1267 and today it is a gathering point for material and testimonies on his life.

The new Giotto’s house, according to the 2008 renovation, is not presented as a museum, in the traditional sense of the term, but as a space for experience, encounter and artistic production.

5) What to visit less typical in Mugello: The Valley of Hell

The Valley of Hell, among the five things to visit in Mugello, it is certainly the least famous, but not the least exciting for this.

The Hell Valley offers the opportunity for long walks through woods, pastures, streams and magnificent waterfalls.

Also in this area, we will find the Abbey of San Pietro a Moscheta which was founded in 1034 by San Giovanni Gualberto.

In short, it is a place of spirituality as well as an oasis of peace away from the hectic and chaotic life of the cities.

We are waiting for you in Mugello to visit its attractions

If you love nature, art and history then you should definitely visit Mugello and all its most beautiful attractions. For an unforgettable holiday in the heart ofTuscany we are waiting for you at Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort!

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