Zen & Hens

Zen and the art of watching hens.

We are linked with the rhythms of Nature. When we gaze at water in a stream, fire in a fireplace, or clouds in the sky, we remain captured by the rhythmic flow of these phenomena that bring on a profound state of contemplation and relaxation.

Similar sensations occur when we observe animals such as our healthy hens who scratch about their coop under the close surveillance of a colorful rooster named Ettore. Often our guests seem hypnotized as they watch the hens from the fence of the coop.  These animals and their repetitive movements are Zen.

As far as children are concerned, let them go in with the hens and hunt for eggs. They will find more than one hidden in the coop.

This activity is available all year round, weather permitting. If you wish to visit the chicken coop, advance notice must be given at the Reception Desk.

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