AmorOlio 2013: Three Good Reasons to Come Aboard!

As in years past, Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort is offering, two times this spring, a week of learning about, tasting and cooking with great olive oils and other produce of the Mugello, all in the company of experts and fine chefs.  This year’s editions of AmorOlio will take place in March and April.

AmorOlio is a festive occasion, for all lovers of good food, nature, fine olive oil and total relaxation in the best company.  We’ve already given you details of all the events that will take place during the event. For the first AmorOlio, from 25 March until 1 April, you’ll have as your chef Michele Forgione. For the second session, from 22 April until 28 April, the prestigious chef Sara Jenkins will be joining us from New York.  Both sessions will also feature the well known food writer Nancy Harmon Jenkins.   All the events will have as their central theme AmorOlio:  the love of olive oil.

And here are three great reasons to reserve your week now:

AmorOlio is a festival for the palate:  during your week with us, you’ll taste delightful delicacies and learn to use fine olive oil to cook and to garnish.  You’ll also learn how to prepare traditional Tuscan dishes, like the incomparable potato ravioli that is a specialty of the Mugello.  And every day, together with Nancy Harmon Jenkins, you’ll dine in typical family-run trattorias that feature honest Tuscan food.

AmorOlio is a festival for the eyes:  the grand park of Villa Campestri, its wonderfully restored period rooms, its lovely reception room on the first floor in which to read and relax, and the dining room and its terrace, with its vast views of the olive tree plantations and mountains beyond.  All of these, and much more, are a part of the AmorOlio experience, the most you could possible ask of a vacation.

.AmorOlio is a discovery:  together with hostess Gemma Pasquali and Nancy Harmon Jenkins, you’ll go off to explore various small local farms and other food producers that give the Mugello such distinction in Tuscany.  And along with expert Burton Anderson, you’ll imbibe some of the best wines of the area as well.

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