Another Year of AmorOlio: An Adventure with Olive Oil

Villa Campestri’s project AmorOlio was a great success this past year: three sessions and a growing number of participants. This year we’ll offer the same adventure. Come and get acquainted with the culture of olive oil.We’ve written often about AmorOlio, the event at Villa Campestri that has as its center the very soul of our resort: the olive oil we produce. Through live images on our Facebook page, our tweets and in our blog, we’ve attempted to transmit the enthusiasm of participants and the curiosity with which they’ve come to this event that’s dedicated to the fine oil, wines and food that Mugello, and all of Tuscany, offers.

Two more sessions of AmerOlio are planned for the coming months at Villa Campestri.  One will be held from March 25 until April 1, 2013, and the second from April 22 until April 28. We promise an unforgettable experience.

For the first session, from March 25 through April 1, among your hosts at Villa Campestri are the well known, highly appreciated food writer Nancy Harmon Jenkins, along with Chef Michele Forgione. The lead protagonist of course is our olive oil and the fine dishes we can produce with it. Every session, as always, will be an occasion to taste and to involve yourself in the finest extra virgin olive oil, to learn to discern its best qualities. You’ll discover what might be defective in olive oil, as well as its many uses in the finest of cuisines.  We shall again visit a wine cellar of the Mugello, dine in typical osterias and trattorias and discover the true tastes of the region. And of course again will be our classes in the kitchen, to learn how to prepare the beloved dishes of Tuscany.

Would you like to participate in our AmorOlio? Write to us at  And to learn all about the details of the program, sign onto

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