An Olive Oil Adventure: at Villa Campestri a tour to learn about the olive oil

A week dedicated to the discovery of the true extra-virgin olive oil quality, with tastings, cooking classes and visits to special main culinary reality, in Florence, Prato and Scarperia: it is “AmorOlio – An Olive Oil Adventure“, organized in Mugello at Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort, by Nancy Harmon Jenkins, a journalist and writer for The New York Times and the Washington Post.A real “oil-gastronomic tour” that will take place from October 15 to October 21st, and will be for chefs, writers dealing with cooking, food bloggers, and anyone interested in good cuisine and who wants to discover what lies behind a “simple” bottle of olive oil.

The main goal of the week is, in fact, to learn to recognize what characteristics and properties have an extra-virgin olive oil of excellence and what is its importance in the Mediterranean and Tuscan cuisine: all through a series of courses, tastings and guided tours that will take place in the first Olive Oil Resort in the world.

The tour will allow you to participate in the olive harvest to understand better how a quality olive oil born. Tastings of different excellent olive oil will take place in the Oleoteca. Thanks to a special cooking class you will learn some of the secrets of the Olive Oil Menu, created by Chef Roberto Zanieri, with the oil of Villa Campestri.

But the week also includes visits to historical places, like San Lorenzo market in Florence, producers in Chianti Rufina area, to local producers of cheese, to masters chocolatiers, manufacturers of the famous cantuccini of Prato, and even to Scarperia, a city famous for its knives.

It will also be an opportunity to discover the restaurants and tavernso and to taste some new wines produced in Mugello.

The cost for the stay of 5 days and 6 nights, including transportation, meals, classes and courses, is € 2.500.00 per person.

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