Riding: go horseback riding in Borgo San Lorenzo and Vicchio

Riding: go horseback riding in Borgo San Lorenzo and Vicchio

Borgo San Lorenzo and Vicchio are municipalities belonging to the Tuscan Florentine area (in the Mugello area), which offer many services for tourists. Above all, those interested in horse riding as a sport can find two respective excellent riding facilities in these towns.

Let’s find out where you can go if you want to go horseback riding in Borgo San Lorenzo and Vicchio.

​The Mugello Riding Club of Borgo San Lorenzo

The Mugello Riding Club is an equestrian center located in Borgo San Lorenzo. It has an outdoor field equipped with excellent irrigation and drainage systems, with covered and saddlery and a number of seven newly built boxes.

At the Riding Club there is an indoor hot water wash, including drying lamps, along with two external washes. There is still a compartment for equipment and bins, three paddocks, a club house and a school pitch.

At the Mugello Riding Club there is also a sand-bottom obstacle course and a covered sand-bottom field, with lighting that allows horses and riders to train 365 days a year, in every season.

The Equestrian Center has wooden stables with closed and alarmed saddlery. The riding school allows members to learn to ride in peace, followed by professional teachers, within the beautiful scenery of Mugello.

The school is federally recognized F.I.S.E and the lessons use horses and ponies from the Equestrian Center. The courses start from the start-up, for children aged 4 and up, then base, on gait, trot and gallop, up to competition.

Finally, the Club house is equipped with a vending machine for snacks and hot drinks, for those who want to take a moment to relax.

​The UNIO school and the Balck Horse riding school in Vicchio

The UNIO school of Vicchio or the Unio Animal and Human Training, is instead an amateur sports association.

The UNIO school specializes in dog and equestrian training. The teachers are experienced professionals, the mission of the center is to deepen the relationship between man and animal from the perspective of dog lovers and horse riding.

UNIO allows you to book a free riding trial, an appointment regarding an American riding lesson, for adults or children aged 6 and up, beginners or experts.

The training method is structured in four levels on a theoretical-practical path. Passing each level gives the person who takes the exam a certificate of Knight. Competitive American riding lessons are also possible.

The Black Horse riding school is instead located in Cistio di Vicchio. It is a very welcoming center immersed in the beautiful green areas of Mugello.

The instructors are qualified and very professional as well as gifted with great humanity. The staff are able to put people who have never come close to a horse at ease before.

The Balck Horse riding school is also suitable for children who want to get closer to horse riding.

​If you want to go horseback riding in Mugello we are waiting for you at Villa Campestri

If you also love horse riding and would like to spend beautiful days in the saddle completely immersed in the Tuscan countryside then we are waiting for you at Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort!

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