In the surroundings of Villa Campestri: Borgo San Lorenzo

Just a stone’s throw from Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort is a beautiful little city to visit and explore:  Borgo San Lorenzo.We’ve already written about this delightful place in the weekly posts on our official blog. Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort isn’t only a place where you can totally relax, or discover  great Tuscan cuisine, or learn the intricacies of a fine olive oil; it’s also a central starting point when you want to explore the surroundings and dive into a bit of Mugello history.

And so, after having spoken of Scarperia and posted the amazing photos of the event “L’Infiorata” on our Facebook page, and, on another occasion described an imaginary visit to Vicchio di Mugello,  today we’ll take you to Borgo San Lorenzo, a place we encourage you to visit during your stay at the Villa.

Born around the court of the Ubaldini family that governed the Mugello from the seventh century through to the Medici in the 14th,  Borgo San Lorenzo is the nerve center of the entire valley.  It and its surrounding villages are close to Florence and  today quickly accessible by high speed rail.

During Mugello’s history the geographical position of Borgo San Lorenzo has also given it the accessibility that it has today.  And not at an easy cost.  This little city has gone through violent wars and battles, each time causing untold destruction.  Thus the center of town today is one that has been entirely restored.

In the area of the municipality are several  artistically interesting holy places: the Church of San Lorenzo, that of San Cresci in Valcava as well as the Oratory of the Madonna dei Tre Fiumi.

Don’t forget also to visit the Museo della Manifattura Chini, the recently opened museum of local ceramic art.  Various sagras and festas featuring local enogastronomic specialties are also part of the scene, at different times of the year.

And so if you’d like a wonderful little trip outside the gates of Villa Campestri, we suggest that, after a hearty breakfast on the terrace overlooking our vast park, there’s nothing better than to head out to see our interesting surroundings.

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