Mugello, Discover the most beautiful places

The most beautiful places to visit in Mugello with Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort

If you want to spend a relaxing stay in a place that knows how to combine historical sites and scenic beauty, the range of options available to you is extremely wide. The merit of this consideration lies above all in the historical, architectural and naturalistic variety that characterizes Italy, a favorite destination for tourists from all corners of the globe.

But if you want to be more specific by pointing to one destination than others, then the choice can only fall on Mugello, a large valley north of Florence that follows the course of the Sieve river. An obligatory stop for those looking to spend a weekend in Tuscany outside the traditional tourist circuits.

The most beautiful places in Mugello: Scarperia and Borgo San Lorenzo

Without a doubt, Scarperia is one of the most beautiful places in Mugello.

Famous throughout the world for hosting the Mugello International Circuit, this location is an enchanting medieval village in which there are monuments and important historical buildings.

Just think of the Palazzo dei Vicari, a magnificent structure that, centuries ago, was the seat of the Florentine government – while today it includes the Municipality and the Museo dei Ferri Taglienti. In the palace in question, it is possible to admire various frescoes and other prominent works. The coats of arms that belonged to the Florentine vicars are clearly visible on the facade of the building.

As for Borgo San Lorenzo, on the other hand, we immediately have to deal with a cultural heritage of an absolute level.

The monument that exemplifies this statement is the Pieve di San Lorenzo, a Romanesque church with a very particular brick bell tower. Furthermore, the Museum of the Chini Manufacture should not be overlooked, set up inside the wonderful Renaissance villa Pecori Giraldi.

Mugello and the Medici villas

To vary even more the range of locations to visit, it is necessary to focus on those buildings built by the Medici that still resist the signs of time.

Barberino del Mugello boasts the spectacular Villa di Cafaggiolo, an architectural complex that Lorenzo the Magnificent transformed into a place for study and rest. The adjacent park includes unique plant species, such as the majestic cedars of Lebanon, and has a superb English garden.

Instead, near San Piero a Sieve stands Villa del Trebbio, a structure recognized as a UNESCO heritage site. Its peculiarity lies essentially in the features, which are singular for a Medici villa as they are typical of a medieval fortress.

The construction of this tourist attraction was commissioned by Cosimo dei Medici I. A commendable initiative that gave (and still gives) greater prestige to the domains of the Medici dynasty.

Giotto’s birthplace near Vicchio

Another place that absolutely must be seen is Vespignano – a charming hamlet of the municipality of Vicchio.

The reason lies in the presence of the birthplace of Giotto, the Italian painter and architect who influenced the Italian Renaissance with his works.

Giotto’s birthplace is an excellence for Mugello and can be visited as it houses the museum dedicated to the immense artist native of Vicchio.

The interactive multimedia stations and the educational laboratory define an area where education and entertainment go hand in hand, making the visit to the museum suitable even for children.

Come and discover the most beautiful places in Mugello

As you may have seen, Mugello offers so many places to visit, rich in history, art and culture. But what makes tourism in Mugello even more enjoyable is its delicious typical cuisine. Do not miss all this, we are waiting for you at Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort!

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