Olive oil massage at Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort

Our multi-tasking lives these days can be pretty stressful…A typical day can include super-challenging work in the office, preparing dinner, getting kids to bed.  Then there’s social life, stimulating social obligations as well.  It’s the rare moment of pause that we can dream of indulging ourselves, somewhere  between work, managing the family and a full social life. As we ponder the wear and tear of modern life, we hit a moment that says, “Stop!” before we get resentful and angry.It’s that moment that the dream begins, a dream to coddle yourself, to pass time blissfully thinking of nothing more than relaxing and driving out the everyday.  To think about indulgence, of repairing body and soul.  The small inner voice longs to be heard, to overcome all others,  to fantasize a soothing massage under firm hands that will melt away the body lumps and creaks, in a pure green atmosphere, silent enough to allow the inner self to emerge.
Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort offers just that,  the possibility to enjoy an experience of well being, an experience that goes well beyond normal methods of relieving stress.  Our system is the what we call SPO (Salus per Oleum), a path we follow thanks to the good grace of olive oil, the grand protagonist of all our treatment, a treatment known since antiquity for its soothing and healing quantities; in fact, olive oil has been adapted for beauty products, in the creation of perfumes, in creams, ointments and balsam treatments to soften the skin and to deeply massage the body.

At Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort we have adopted a philosophy that combines the purity of our organic olive oil with the knowledge and experience of fine masseurs.  Your choice of location will remain with you: your period room, the park, the lovely uniformity of the olive groves and the bamboo plants that contribute to the atmosphere of well being.  You’ll simply forget the stress of your daily life, as you undergo the luxurient treatments of Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort.

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