Living according to Nature at Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort

Everything you can imagine, nature has already created” (A. Einstein)

Most of us live immersed in our city lives, enjoying the many advantages and happily suffering the difficulties without thinking too much about it.  Few would consider giving it up.  A move to the remote countryside is no more than a bucolic dream, not a priority for most of us.

On the other hand, I think we all entertain a fantasy of country living, an organic life among the beauties of nature, back to the soil where we’ll raise our own food and surround ourselves with the beautiful aromas of wild flowers.  It’s tempting to think of running barefoot through open fields, retreating from the smog and pollution of the cityscape.

We can already enjoy developing a bit of ‘green’ life in our urban landscape.  An organic vegetable garden in balcony pots, or a small abandoned space nearby allows us to feel better about ourselves and even live a healthier life.  A new book, already fashionable, can help you to begin.  It’s called FARM CITY and tells us how to sustain ourselves totally on the fruits of our own endeavor.  But is it really true that creating a ‘green’ corner of your own in the city can compare to a life to true country living?

Certainly even this amount of ‘green’ living is a boon to our well being, to live a more balanced life with ourselves and the space that surrounds us.  It gives us a good feeling about ourselves, soothing us to the petty annoyances of intrusive urban life.  But consider a moment of real change, to an unpolluted atmosphere of natural beauty, the relaxed and restful environment of fresh wild smells and pure air. At Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort, there is simply nothing that can contaminate. From the ancient trees that welcome you as you enter the gates, to the well laid out paths that invite a wonderful rustic walk into the natural woody landscapes of the Mugello, to the olive groves that fill the entire park with a golden glow, and, finally, to our tastefully restored 13th century Villa where you’ll dine and relax in quiet beauty.

The olive groves are our pride, producing some of the finest oil of the region.  They give true voice to our ancient heritage, and provide the perfect welcome to a traditional and cherished past.
Yes, we enjoy our ‘green’ lives in the city, but, as a special plus, imagine spending some days in a really totally green environment where the rapport between man and his environment overcomes the senses.  It will send you back to the city with renewed positive energy. And you won’t soon forget your days of serene and tranquil renewal.

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