OliveTolive wins first prize for Design and Technological Innovation at Madrid Fusion 2012

OliveTolive wins first prize for Design and Technological Innovation at Madrid Fusion 2012! Winning a prize is always a time for proud and happy thoughts. But winning an award at Madrid Fusion, the annual International Congress of Gastronomy, one of the most prestigious events in the world of food and drink, is a very special honor and a confirmation that Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort, the protagonist of this effort, is doing the right thing with our project to bring high-premium olive oil to restaurant diners in the most impeccable condition imaginable.During the 10th Madrid Fusion, which took place in the Spanish capital in January and brought together a stellar assembly of top chefs, restaurateurs, food writers, and wine experts from all over the world, Paolo Pasquali, representing Villa Campestri, received a unique prize “for design and technological innovation” for his OliveTolive project. Created in order to maintain the superior organoleptic qualities of premium olive oil, OliveTolive was recognized by the judges commission and hailed as the most avant-garde gastronomic innovation of the year. The judges commended Paolo Pasquali, along with the staff of Villa Campestri, for outstanding originality and commitment.

Follow a live blog of the events surrounding the prize through Villa Campestri’s Twitter and Facebook channels: scroll through an album of exciting photographs on our Facebook page (Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort), or follow a fast-paced series of Tweets (#mfm2012) on Twitter, to share some of the excitement and euphoria we felt to see our labors so well rewarded.

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