Planning your 2015 Trip to Italy

While we know that it isn’t even December of 2014, we are already thinking about 2015 and all that it will offer. Hopefully for you, it will include a trip to Tuscany to visit Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort (we had to say it) but in any case we wanted to give you guys a few handy tips on planning your 2015 Italy Trips.

Tip#1 Booking Smarter Flights

Start your flight search early. We have found google flights to be a really handy resource when planning your trip, when you enter in your destination you will see a map of prices already laid out, according to city. If it’s Tuscany you want, see which airport is cheapest.

Tip #2 Start Pinning! 

Get the most out of your upcoming trip by thinking ‘big picture’. What activities are around the city where you want to stay? You can waste a lot time looking for things to do when arriving so we suggest setting up a board on a social network like pinterest adding activities, restaurants and hotspots you don’t want to miss in Italy. This one by blog ArtTrav is a great example.

Also don’t forget that many hotels can help you plan, we happily offer our guests art classes, truffle hunting, bee-keeping and can look into/call on the behalf of anyone staying at out resort. Also many museums and galleries in popular cities like Florence and Rome can be booked well in advance, no need to wait in line!

Tip #3 Keep it Slow

It can be easy to get overwhelmed. While in the past big tour groups hitting up dozens of city on one trip was the norm while future travel is all about ‘savoring it slowly’. Basing from one stop and really taking time to get to know the city of town in Italy, choose a favorite coffee bar to visit every day and really embracing the art & love of slow travel. Take a cooking course and get ‘lost’. After all we are certain that you would want to come back, Italy has that effect!

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