The Luxury of a heart-beating Resort

Bonus Vacanze 2020 da usare nel resort Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort

The summer holidays are the right occasion to enjoy relaxing moments in an intimate place, protected and surrounded by the quiet of Tuscan nature. Discover now the magic of Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort and the beautiful emotions that you can live with us!

The Authentic Desire for Peace and Tranquility

The experience of quarantine has aroused in many of us the desire for intimacy, the need to defend what is truly precious and to be in contact with ourselves.

Many have rediscovered the relationship with nature, favoring walks in the woods, trips to the countryside and looking for places not well-traveled by crowds and mass tourism.

During these months of forced isolation we listened to a small inner voice, perhaps too long unheard, which asks us for a bit of gathering and to allow ourselves moments of relaxation surrounded by the peace and quiet that only nature can give.

This new approach to leisure, in a certain sense, is a real relief for those who live a busy life in the city, always running and submerged by the needs of the daily grind.

In the first instance, many had to cancel the previously planned holidays but, fortunately, the Government Holiday Bonus comes in handy.

Thanks to this financial aid, many families will be able to enjoy unforgettable holidays in Italy, perhaps to rediscover our territory and search for places of peace and relaxation.

There are many places in Italy that can offer quiet, unspoiled nature, good food and multiple activities to do in a sanitized and absolutely protected environment. Villa Campestri is certainly one of these, that’s why we want to tell you what you could live if you decide to take advantage of the Bonus and spend your holidays with us.

A Luxury Resort with a Heart that Beats

Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort is completely immersed in the Tuscan countryside.

Our elegant structure offers its guests 25 expertly restored rooms and suites, furnished with period furniture and authentic antiques. The view is enchanting as all accommodations overlook the centuries-old park and the fascinating Mugello valley.

Despite our concern to reserve our customers with luxury hospitality, impeccable in every detail, we never forget what is really important for us: the heart.

At Villa Campestri, in fact, we believe in the relationship with our customers, our family has always welcomed each guest with joy in the heart, with the desire to share our land and with the sincere hope, at the end of your stay, to be able to count on a new friendship.

Each person who enters our Villa is one of us, and also an opportunity for discovery and sharing.

For this reason the Paoli family and all its staff love to make each guest feel at ease, as if we have known each other forever, as if yours was just a “homecoming”.

Why Spend a Holiday with Us

In Italy there are wonderful places to stay like in a dream.

What we see in the eyes of many of our guests is the confirmation that Villa Campestri is one of these enchanted places.

A splendid Tuscan Renaissance Villa on the Mugello hills, immersed in the countryside, surrounded by pergolas, rose gardens, rows of cypresses and a dream swimming pool.

A magical location that makes any type of holiday perfect: with family, as a couple, for relaxation or sport.

You will be welcomed in large well-kept rooms, with impeccable cleanliness and large bright and airy windows.

You can relax in large common areas, all absolutely comfortable and finely furnished, such as the comfortable sitting rooms overlooking the centuries-old park or the breathtaking panorama of the Mugello valley. The large swimming pool, surrounded by weeping willows, is the perfect solution for those seeking fresh moments of relaxation.

Breakfast and dinner on the terrace overlooking cypresses, birches and olive trees frame the delicious dishes of our Chef.

Today we are happy to welcome our guests again, offering them a new restaurant concept, guaranteeing room service for breakfast and dinner.

The days at Villa Campestri pass happily and carefree, you will feel so welcomed and pampered that you have the feeling that time has stopped in a single great explosion of joy.

We are ready to welcome you!

We prepared with passion, taking care of every single detail as always, and we are ready to offer you the best experience of your stay in total safety. Our whole family and our staff awaits you at Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort as we always do: with joy in the heart.

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