Viva Italia With These Italy-Inspired Wedding Favors


Wedding season is in full swing this year, and while most couples have done the majority of the hard work picking venues, making guests lists and picking the dress, certain details like wedding favors can fall to the wayside. Luckily for us, we have seen many weddings at Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort and this season, even more than ever. Traditionally, Italians favor candied almonds for their ‘bomboniere’ as they bring good luck, and wrap a few in a small lace satchel to give individually to guests. However, these modern times also call for modern favors for those who want them, here are a few suggestions. Things to keep in mind when choosing favors are the size of the wedding party and cost, how many guests are coming from abroad (and what can be carried back) and feasibility of your ideas. 

Personalized bottles of Olive Oil

Our top choice and this should come as no surprise considering what we stand for, this is typically a top choice from our guests that get married at the resort. Mini bottles of EVOO make wonderful favors as they can and should be used by guests in the next year, you can personalize the label however you like.


Another fun option (and more affordable than you might think) is to get miniature plants personalized for each guest, you can pick whichever is in season, even mini cactus are a great choice as they keep longer than other types of floral varieties.


Another wonderful organic option is bottles of honey, which are also something that we take pride in making in our little corner of Tuscany. You can have a lot of fun with making labels playing on the word ‘sweet’ or ‘honey’ and these tend to travel better with out of town guests.


Photo credit: Bridal Guide


Customized soap

Another ‘Made in Italy’ option could be bars of customized soap, which would put a smile on anyone who appreciates such a treat. Relatively easy to make, you can even do this yourselves a head of time and provide your own labels, depending on the size of the wedding party. We also offer soap making courses at Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort which will give you a head start on this fun and interesting technique.

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