Where to go trekking in Tuscany: the best places and itineraries

Trekking in Tuscany with Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort

Tuscany is a land full of paths and natural beauties to be discovered, the ideal place for holidays dedicated to splendid excursions. Find out where to go trekking in Tuscany and which are the best places and itineraries!

Trekking and trails in Tuscany between nature and culture

Walking means sharing every time a path of discovery: of the territories, of the natural environment, of the cultures that meet along the paths.

Nowadays, slow tourism is becoming increasingly widespread, dedicated to walking and trekking.

This type of tourism leads along mountain and flat paths, through parks and reserves, through unique environments, breathing clean air and using all the senses to savor every moment of the journey.

Walking means traveling with a natural rhythm, which allows you to experience an authentic and unrepeatable experience every time.

However, trekking clothing is a very important aspect. When you go for a more or less demanding walk, take a spare T-shirt and opt for long trousers with a zipper to turn them into shorts.

In addition to having an appropriate technical clothing for the type of route chosen, trekking experts know how important accessories are too.

Among the important accessories for a mountain excursion we point out:

  • The water bottle (better if made of metal and thermal);
  • Sunglasses, hat and sunscreen;
  • Trekking sticks (help to better distribute the balance, not letting all the effort fall only on the legs).

Where to go trekking in Tuscany

For all walkers here is some advice on where to go trekking in Tuscany!

Trekking in Maremma

The Maremma is characterized by the extraordinary variety of landscapes that make it an absolutely unique area for the presence of hills and mountains, lakes and the sea as well as of the important lagoon area of Orbetello. Trekking in Maremma offers the opportunity to get to know one of the best preserved and most savage stretches of our country.

Excursions in the Chianti Classico area

Few territories such as the Chianti area can offer such a rich and evocative panorama: green hills designed by miles of lush vineyards and olive groves, medieval villages with ancient alleys enriched by churches and castles, the typical white roads that run up and down hills. A mixture of history, art, nature and of course walks.

Trekking in Mugello

For trekking lovers, Mugello offers one of the wildest areas in all of Tuscany, the famous “Hell Valley”. In this area, in addition to a rich integral vegetation, there is an exclusive fauna among which the Golden Eagle stands out, easily identifiable on high pressure days, and the Apennine Wolf that has always survived in these lands. During the summer you can cool off with a bracing bath in the crystal clear waters of the Rovigo river.

If you are planning a trekking in Tuscany and are looking for the best places and itineraries, then Mugello is definitely for you. In this area, just a few kilometers from Florence, you will find routes, nature and great food. See you at Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort!

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