5 tips for a perfect picnic in Tuscany

Picnic in Toscana con Villa Campestri Olive Oil resort

Spring season invites you to spend as much time as possible outdoors, especially if you are in the beautiful Tuscan countryside.

To organize a picnic, and then take full advantage of an out-door trip, you need some small tricks, and we will share 5 main tips to follow!

The art of the picnic

When we think of a picnic, Manet‘s famous painting, Le Déjeuner sur l’Herbe, always comes to mind.

Picnic certainly presents an idealized vision and certainly not feasible today but we can try to keep its magic or at least thanks to small tricks try to experience a magical moment immersed in nature.

Various types of Picnics

Today picnics is no longer the prerogative of a single social class but rather a moment of conviviality and rediscovery of nature. You can have romantic picnics as a couple, picnics with your group of friends or family and more and more often for some festivities, such as Easter Monday or June break, many people are organizing for a trip out of town.

Here are our tips:

1. Check the weather

Spring days are unpredictable by definition and for this reason we advise you to check the weather well, but don’t be discouraged by a negative weather because the weather changes quickly!

For a reliable weather check the same day!

2. Choose the right tablecloth

A little secret for a good picnic is to bring two tablecloths! A linen or cotton one to sit on and arrange your picnic on and araincoat to put under.

A green tarpaulin is perfect so as not to risk that not even a drop of wetness rises from the ground to ruin the perfect atmosphere!

3. Use green crockery

It is increasingly important today to be attentive to ecology and alas, it happens to see beautiful lawns with garbage bins full of plastic waste.

Our advice for a real perfect picnic is to bring your house wine glass, steel cutlery and cloth napkins, not only will all this make your picnic unforgettable but it will also be in full respect of nature.

4. Choose your food

A picnic is not necessarily a very different meal from others and with a little organization you can bring what you prefer from home.

If you are in Tuscany, our advice is to buy simple ingredients of our tradition: good bread, cold cuts and cheeses. With these few elements the success of your picnic is assured.

It is equally important to decide what to drink, in addition to the water, you can bring a good bottle of Chianti that does not require to be served cold (so avoid the wine cooler) and goes very well with all Tuscan ingredients!

5. Find a location

Getting the location wrong for a picnic in Tuscany is practically impossible, between lakes, hills and beautiful meadows there are many possibilities.

In Mugello, for example, there is Lake Bilancino which is an excellent location for a picnic.

Picnic in Mugello

Certainly there is no shortage of places to rest and spend a beautiful day in Mugello. At Villa Campestri we are waiting for you to advise you and host you in our beautiful spaces where the view is unforgettable!

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