The perfect menu for a romantic dinner in the heart of Tuscany

La cena romantica in Toscana a Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort

When you want to spend an intimate and unforgettable moment with your loved one there is nothing better than a romantic dinner in the heart of Tuscany!

A candlelit dinner in Tuscany

When there is love there should not be a reason to organize a romantic dinner, in fact the surprise will enrich the evening with magic.

The occasions taken as a pretext can be so many from the birthday to the simple romantic weekend, from the anniversary of marriage to the simple desire to share special moments with the loved one.

The locations for a candlelit couple dinner in Tuscany can be so many. From the restaurants on the white beaches of Versilia to the Resort in the rolling Tuscan hills, from the inns in the center of Florence to the Chalet immersed in the mountains.

What really matters in these cases is to choose an intimate place, where the warmth of the hearts can be felt intensely. All accompanied by an excellent cuisine.

In Tuscany, whether you choose the sea, the city or the mountains, you will certainly have the opportunity to eat well. In fact, this region is considered by many to be the home of good food and its ancient traditions are still alive today in the recipes and dishes of many restaurants.

So the perfect conclusion of a day spent in the company of the loved one is definitely a tasty romantic dinner, in full respect of the Tuscan tradition.

In this sense Mugello can boast of true excellence from the point of view of catering offering to lovers typical Spartan taverns or refined luxury restaurants.

Many of the accommodations in Mugello also offer menus designed for those who follow a vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free diet.

For those who are not satisfied with just one romantic evening in Tuscany, you can opt for one of the many offers or packages for a weekend stay to spend with your partner.

The perfect menu for a romantic dinner in Tuscany

In our restaurant l’Olivaia the combination of tradition and innovation gives life to an experimental and dynamic cuisine, in which the Oil of Fattoria di Campestri, obtained from centuries-old olive groves, is the absolute protagonist of the dishes.

In our opinion the perfect menu for a romantic dinner in Tuscany must be seasoned with an unforgettable olive oil. Here is our proposal:


  • Sliced seasonal fresh veggies served with vinaigrette and 3 Olive Oils
  • “Naked” raw filet, julienne sliced ‘iceberg’ lettuce and Cosimo’s fresh Olive Oil
  • Oil, cheese and bread: Study of the combination of Oils, soft cheeses and bread with herbs

First Courses

  • Gnudi made with fresh nettle, served with Cosimo’s olive oil over a fondue of grain
  • Ravioli made with whole wheat flour stuffed with artichoke and seasoned, fresh rabiola cheese
  • Spaghetti Martelli with Picual olive-oil served with a bread and parmesan cheese sauce

Main Courses

  • Filet of Salt Cod cooked in olive-oil served with a puree of ‘coco nano’ beans
  • Sliced steak (beef) served with rocket sprinkled with parmesan cheese
  • Duck breast served in a fan-shape playfully cooked with three different olive oils


  • Wild radicchi salad
  • Garden veggie on the grill

If you want to seal your love with an unforgettable olive oil and spend a romantic dinner in the heart of Tuscany, we wait for you at Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort!

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