The Chestnut Festival in Mugello

Sagra dei Marroni nel Mugello con Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort

Autumn has arrived and with the advent of this season the characteristic country festivals begin to take place throughout Italy. Festivals are very special events and to participate in is both pleasant and interesting, for the beautiful exhibition and the opportunity to buy fresh and typically autumn products. In fact, from this period, for example, mushrooms, pumpkins, chestnuts and chestnuts are common.

A festival can therefore be expressly dedicated to the display of the products that the nature of the month of October offers, including stands, exhibition spaces and even entertainment. Certainly with the pandemic many events scheduled for last year were canceled but as many others have resumed, so that the fairs can be held respecting the safety conditions in order to safeguard public health.

In this article we will talk in particular about the Chestnut Festival in Mugello and we will illustrate, to those seeking information, all the characteristics of this important event.

​The Chestnut Festival

In the weekends of October and November, most of Italy will be marked by autumn festivals and fairs.

One of these is the Chestnut Festival in Mugello, which takes place in Tuscany to celebrate the appearance of chestnuts, a delicious fruit of the season of bare trees and yellow leaves.

The Chestnut Festival is divided in a particular way in the Alto Mugello in a series of events located in different cities such as Marradi, Palazzuolo sul Senio, Firenzuola and San Piero a Sieve, where exhibitions and stands for the sale of chestnuts are organized in compliance with the public health preventive measures against Covid-19.

A specific safety plan in accordance with the current health emergency, in fact, provides for the carrying out of events under precise safety rules such as contingent presences; stands well spaced and arranged in the designated areas according to very specific precautionary methods, differentiated entrances and exits, mandatory masks for all those present, from stands to visitors.

The Chestnut Festival, therefore, like all the other fairs of the period, will be organized in absolute safety, with the necessary measures provided for by the anti Covid regulations.

The patrons will therefore be able to follow a precise path that will lead them to know the delicious chestnuts of Mugello and all their proposals for those who intend to taste them in any form.

​The Chestnut of Mugello

The Mugello Chestnut is an important Italian excellence with the IGP brand, a high quality zero km product, which comes from chestnut groves and Tuscan chestnuts.

It will be the delicious products that will be exhibited to visitors at the stands of the Festival and can be bought and tasted in various versions: starting from the tortelli to finish on the chestnut, we will pass from the jams to the chestnut cake, from the marron glacé to the Biscuits.

It will even be possible to taste the chestnut beer.

The Mugello Chestnut Festival is therefore a combination of gastronomic specialties, natural and artisanal products together with lots of conviviality and entertainment.

​Come and taste the famous Mugello chestnuts

If you too want to taste the famous and delicious chestnuts of Mugello, we are waiting for you at Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort!

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