The Rennaissance Dream – an exhibition not to be missed

From 21st May to the 15th September 2013 at Palazzo Pitti, Florence, in the Galleria Palatina the most extraordinary exhibition is open; all about dreams and visions in Renaissance times, told through works of art.

The exhibition is divided into several sections, each of which takes into consideration a specific aspect of the main theme – The Dream. At the very start, Night displays a series of scultpures and paintings all inspired by the great Michelangelo’s sculpture of that very same name.

The Journey of the Spirit brings together works of art that reflect both on dreams, but also on classical mythology. Several of these pieces have been brought in from overseas museums and are on display in Florence for the very first time, for example  Raphael’s Vision of a Knight from the National Gallery in London.

Visions of the Beyond addresses the theme of the dream in the biblical and religious tradition, and Enigmatic Dreams and Nightmare Visions displays dream-like, visonary and generally fantastically-natured pieces.
Life is a Dream takes its inspiration from Michelangelo’s The Dream of Human Life. And following that is The Dreaming Prince section which takes a close look at Francesco de’ Medici’s passionate relationship with dreams.

The exhibition closes with Dawn, the time of night which in the Renassaisance times was to be considered when real dreams actually occured.

Tickests cost €13.00 each and can be purchased online.This is one of those examples of an exhibition that can enrich the viewer so much more, if a little time is taken to really understand exactly what you are seeing. Understanding the history of the pieces, the thoughts, politics, social aspects and indeed technical artistic abilities of the time is vital to truly understanding. This fairly detailed article will help you kick-off your reading!

From Villa Campestri we suggest you take the train from Borgo San Lorenzo to Santa Maria Novella station, and then the Pitti Palace is a five-minute taxi ride away, or a twenty-minute walk.

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