Villa Campestri in bloom!


Spring is a special time at Villa Campestri olive oil resort, while in March we opened our doors the 2014 season, we also enjoyed many days of soft sunshine and great weather. Now that April is ending and May is beginning, spring is in full bloom in our gardens and there is no better time to go on a nature walk around our property and in the Mugello Valley.

From peonies to lilys, we have been delighted with out garden which is why we wanted to share our joy with you with this special slideshow of Villa Campestri in bloom. Our honeys are working hard making organic honey to be used in our Tuscan kitchen and we feel a strong attachment to the beauty of our land.

One of the best parts about living in the Mugello Valley is that you can quite literally feel the changing of the seasons, from the pollen wistfully floating across green fields and the pops of color now present all around our vast park & property. Soon there will be lavender and you can find beautiful purple (very sweet smelling as well) wisteria wherever you go in Tuscany.

To discover the nature that entrances us all, we can provide you with a botanical guide to get the most out of your passeggiata, and don’t forget that you can mountain bike and hike as well, just ask us how!

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