Easter 2020 in Tuscany: what to do and where to go

Easter 2020 in Tuscany at Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort

Easter is celebrated throughout Italy, from north to south with folkloric traditions and different but all delicious gastronomic recipes. Find out with us what to do and where to go for this Easter 2020 in Tuscany!

Why we celebrate Easter?

Easter is one of the main holidays of Christianity and celebrates the resurrection of Jesus.

The date of Easter follows the lunar cycles and therefore varies from year to year. It also determines the frequency of other celebrations such as Lent and Pentecost.

During the Easter celebrations throughout Italy live representations, processions, religious rites, popular festivals, sacred representations, festivals and folkloric traditions are organized.

During Good Friday night, for example, the streets light up with torches and are crossed by crowded processions.

On Easter Sunday, doves are made to fly and fireworks are “fired”.

The gastronomic traditions of Easter in Italy

During Easter there is the pleasant habit of giving chocolate eggs, much loved by children.

In the past, real eggs with colored shell were given as a symbol of rebirth.

A typical dessert of this holiday is the famous “Easter dove” which has two different origins, a Lombard and a Sicilian one.

There are in fact two main sweets to which the term “Easter dove” refers: the Easter dove invented in Lombardy in the 1930s and the Easter dove widespread in Sicily and also called the “palummeddi” or “pastifuorti”.

Both are part of the tradition of our country and for this reason they have been officially included in the list of traditional Italian agri-food products.

The dove is not the only dessert that is prepared during Easter, there are several Easter sweets typical of Italy depending on the reference regions.

Easter 2020 in Tuscany: what to do and where to go

Associating the Easter celebration with a weekend in Tuscany is certainly an excellent idea to combine the joy of the feast with moments of relaxation.

In Tuscany there are many activities that can be done at Easter such as visiting medieval villages, having delicious family lunches in typical Tuscan taverns, celebrating Easter in Florence between museums and shopping.

Another valid alternative in Tuscany is to celebrate Easter in the countryside.

The spring air increases the desire for celebration, and celebrating Easter in the countryside becomes a unique opportunity to celebrate with your family and relax in nature.

The eggs, the sun, the flowers, the bells, ancient country houses make the party truly unique. Then the most important thing: the family with relatives, friends, adults and children, all gathered to celebrate Easter.

And delicious sweets to accompany talk and coffee.

Celebrate Easter in the Tuscan countryside

To reunite the family and celebrate Easter in Tuscany there is no better idea than to be able to enjoy a delicious Easter menu immersed in the Tuscan countryside in a Renaissance Villa a few kilometers from Florence. If you also want to fulfill this desire, we are waiting for you at Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort!

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