Michelin Starred Restaurants in Florence: full list 2020

starred restaurant in florence

Florence is renowned worldwide for its excellent Tuscan cuisine, but the pleasure increases when choosing a Michelin starred restaurant. Here is the complete 2020 list of starred restaurants in Florence!

Eating well in Florence

Eating well in Florence is not difficult thanks to the large amount of typical restaurants in the city.

Even today there is an incredible gastronomic heritage throughout Tuscany in which Florence is famous for its steak, ribollita, tripe, donuts, schiacciata with grapes and “cenci”.

The nearby Prato is known for a different cuisine, where the delicious and crispy cantucci to be dipped in vin santo dominate.

In Pistoia cooking is simpler and made of few ingredients such as the famous giblet soup, which in ancient times was administered to prisoners.

Florence is a city capable of enclosing and offering the best of Tuscan cuisine, with centuries-old restaurants and taverns that overlook the pretty squares and typical streets.

For the most discerning palates, the “Cradle of the Renaissance” also offers a wide selection of starred restaurants, or locations that have received the famous Michelin recognition.

What is the Michelin star

The Michelin star is an award that has been assigned since 1926 to the best restaurants in the world.

Among the assignment criteria, the cuisine, the chef and the location are evaluated in particular.

Only the excellences get the red star and the best ones even manage to receive 3, maximum number of assignments.

In this scenario Florence could not miss, always home of “eating well”.

There are 12 starred restaurants in Florence and its province awarded by the Michelin guide in 2020.

Starred restaurants in Florence: full list 2020

For all gourmands in search of the best cuisine, here is the complete 2020 list of starred restaurants in Florence!

Three stars

  • Enoteca Pinchiorri

One star

  • Borgo San Jacopo
  • La Bottega del Buon Caffè
  • Osteria Gucci Garden
  • La Leggenda dei Frati
  • Ora d’Aria
  • Il Palagio – Hotel Four Seasons
  • Santa Elisabetta – Hotel Brunelleschi
  • La Tenda Rossa
  • Virtuoso – Tenuta le Tre Virtù
  • La Torre – Castello del Nero
  • Osteria di Passignano

Also in 2020, the Michelin red guide confirms the primacy in the city with 3 stars at Enoteca Pinchiorri.

The 2020 novelty is the arrival in the ranking of 3 new starred in Florence, namely Massimo Bottura’s Osteria at the Gucci Garden, the Virtuso of the Tenuta Le Tre Virtù in Scarperia and the Santa Elisabetta at the Hotel Brunelleschi in the historic center.

In general, all Tuscany defends well its red stars with peaks of excellence such as in San Gimignano with the famous Cum Quibus and Meo Modo in Chiusdino in the province of Siena.

Enjoy the best Tuscan cuisine
Whether you choose a starred restaurant in Florence or a simpler trattoria, in Tuscany you will always have the opportunity to eat well and taste the best local cuisine.
If you want to savor all the taste of the best Tuscan cuisine, we are waiting for you at Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort!

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