The Park

Our century-old park talks about us and leaves you speechless.

Maintaining without transforming or distorting: this is our guiding principal in the care of our century-old park. As an essential part of our home, it is a fundamental element of identity and charm.

In this corner of Mugello where Nature has remained intact, plants flourish, some for hundreds of years.  Their intermingling corresponds to the essential nature of this territory.

Thus century-old olive groves, that produce a superior quality of Olive Oil, grow harmoniously beside arable fields, and woods of mixed vegetation where you can find chestnut, oak, wild cherry, maple, alder, hazel, and hornbeam trees.

What could you do in our splendid park?

  • Dive into the pool that is nestled in the green and relish the magnificent view of the Mugello valley below.
  • Take a walk and discover the essence and peculiarities of the natural flora.
  • Trekking on the grounds: follow one of the four marked routes that we have created for our guests and you will discover one that leads through the woods to a panoramic view of the Mugello valley or another that leads to refreshing springs that come from Monte Giovi.
  • Truffling. A truffle hunter and his dog will accompany and teach you to unearth this precious fungus that transforms the most simple dish into a delicacy.
  • Indulge in an Olive Oil massage under the shade of our olive grove and absorb all of the regenerating energy of these ancient plants.
  • Take a ride on a mountain bike and experience the rolling hills and ancient hamlets.
  • Take a mini-course on bees and learn how honey as well as the process of pollination, which pollution and monoculture farming endanger, is important for our health and our world.
  • Take a painting class. The surrounding vegetation will provide the context for your lesson with a maestro d’arte who is specialized in 14th century (Giotto’s era) painting techniques.
  • Take part in the activities of our SPO (Salus per Oleum): Fitness Yoga, a yoga trail in the garden during which you will practice “Breath Walking”, a discipline that focuses on combining breathing and movement, Asana positions, Stretching and relaxation.
  • Earthing, soak up the energy of the earth through your feet. Precise concentration techniques can help us find an awareness of our freedom, essence, and body in every step that places us in contact with the earth. Accumulated tensions are left behind and every cell of our bodies is recharged with pure energy.
  • Try out our Nature Gym: gardening activities and a hoe will become an interesting way to practice fitness in complete communion with Nature.

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